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"It was a great experience doing the Fitness Theory through Pichada. She's always prompt in her replies and always encouraging. I highly recommend taking this course with her."

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"My exam was done yesterday and I passed. I’m completely new to this field and the course material was very helpful, thank you! It gave me all the info I needed to start."

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"The notes and downloadable files are very helpful. And the quizzes at the end of the chapters are great!"

Update: "I have completed the Fitness theory exam and I passed!"

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"I must say I LOVE the improvements! I feel going over the smaller chunks and the quizzes being broken up is so helpful!"

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"Pichada is a wonderful teacher who always goes the extra mile for her students. She is encouraging and always prepared to answer questions. On top of this, her explanations are clear and easy to understand. It is a joy to learn from her."

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Education Partners

FNB Fitness New Brunswick

Why Start a Career in Fitness?

Aside from the obvious benefits of helping people, doing what you love, and making your own hours as a business owner, it can be a very financially rewarding career.

According to data from IBIS World, the fitness industry in Canada generated $4 billion dollars in revenue in 2019 alone employing over 69,000 people.

Who Needs This Online FLC Exercise Theory Course?

This course is for anyone who wants to:

  • Become a fitness instructor (ie. personal trainer, yoga or pilates instructor, group fitness trainer, older adult trainer, aquafit instructor, etc.)
  • Get FNB certified
  • Gain knowledge about the human body and improve their well-being
  • Note: this is a prerequisite course to other specialty modules with certifications (personal training, weight training, etc.)

Anyone wanting to get into the exercise fitness industry should get a certification from Fitness Leadership Canada (FLC),  formerly the National Fitness leadership Association of Canada (NFLA).  This association registers over 10,000 fitness leaders in Canada.  Provincial affiliates include BCRPA in BC/Yukon, OFC in Ontario, Fitness Alberta by AFLCA in Alberta/Northwest Territories, FNB in New Brunswick, NSFA in Nova Scotia, and SPRA in Saskatchewan.

An FLC certification is also recognized in many parts of the world.  With this credential, you can live and work virtually anywhere.

But the first step to this global certification that employers and clients recognize is to pass the Fitness Theory exam (in some provinces, it's called the Exercise Theory or Foundations of Physical Activity and Exercise exam).

This self-paced online course covers everything you need to know for the FLC Exercise Theory exam broken down in plain language, with good examples and diagrams to help you learn (see the Course Contents section below for more information): 

  • Health-related benefits of physical activity, 
  • Holistic approaches to physical activity and lifestyle, 
  • Human anatomy, movement mechanics & physiology, 
  • Principles of conditioning, exercise analysis and risk management, 
  • Basic nutrition/body composition, 
  • Program planning, and
  • Leadership skills.

Lead Instructor

Pichada W

Passionate about kinesiology, fitness, and education - my job here is to help you get your certifications and produce the best fitness professionals possible.

Outside of FHP, I graduated from UBC with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and Health Science and have a black belt in Goju-Ryu karate. You can find me playing tennis when the weather is good or doing some sort of physical activity. I'm interested in injury prevention and I enjoy helping others become more knowledgeable about their body!

Contact me if you have any questions about our courses or need some help getting started in the industry.

BCPRA Exam Score: 90%

Course Content

  • 1


  • 2


    • Exercise Theory Notes - Complete

    • Exercise Theory Notes - Fill in the blanks

    • Exercise Theory Practice Questions (Additional)

  • 3

    Chapter 1

  • 4

    Chapter 2

    • Skeletal System

    • Chapter 2 Randomized Anatomical Planes & Movement Terms Quiz (10/50)

    • Chapter 2 Randomized Bone Quiz (10/40)

    • Chapter 2 Randomized Joint Motion Quiz (10/30)

    • Chapter 2 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/20)

  • 5

    Chapter 3

    • Muscular Systems

    • Chapter 3 Randomized Quiz (10/60)

    • Chapter 3 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/50)

  • 6

    Chapter 4

    • Muscle Function

    • Chapter 4 Randomized Quiz (10/30)

  • 7

    Chapter 5

    • Muscle & Posture

    • Chapter 5 Randomized Quiz (10/40)

    • Chapter 5 Challenge & Application Quiz (10/40)

  • 8

    Chapter 6

    • Energy Systems & Principles of Training

    • Chapter 6 Randomized Quiz (10/40)

    • Chapter 6 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/30)

  • 9

    Midterm Review

    • Computer Generated Midterm Exam (60/420)

  • 10

    Chapter 7

    • Resistance Training

    • Chapter 7 Randomized Quiz (10/20)

    • Chapter 7 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/20)

    • Anonymous Survey (30 seconds!)

  • 11

    Chapter 8

    • Flexibility

    • Chapter 8 Randomized Quiz (10/30)

  • 12

    Chapter 9

    • Cardiorespiratory Fitness

    • Chapter 9 Randomized Quiz (10/30)

    • Chapter 9 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/50)

  • 13

    Chapter 10

    • Nutrition & Weight Management

    • Chapter 10 Randomized Quiz (10/30)

    • Chapter 10 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/40)

  • 14

    Chapter 11

    • Safety & Injuries

    • Chapter 11 Randomized Quiz (10/30)

    • Chapter 11 Randomized Challenge & Application Quiz (10/30)

  • 15

    Chapter 12

    • Fitness Leadership

    • Chapter 12 Randomized Quiz (10/20)

  • 16

    Final Review

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why work in the fitness industry?

    Aside from making your own schedule and escaping the 9-5 desk job, there are hundreds of reasons why someone would join this rewarding profession. CNN Money named Personal Training a Top 20 profession because of its low stress and positive impact on others.

    FLC is part of the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREP) which means your FLC certification is recognized globally and valid in regions like the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, UAE, New Zealand, and in many other places in Europe.

    This is a career that can literally take you anywhere.

  • Who needs this Exercise Theory course?

    Anyone who wants to work in the fitness industry first needs to pass the Fitness Theory exam to get FLC certified. In some provinces, this is called Exercise Theory.

    This course helps students get licensed with minimal stress and study time.

  • What's included in this course package?

    With this course you get a condensed textbook, online lectures, tons of practice questions, and 24/7 access to a course tutor.

  • How does this course help me?

    We break down complex anatomical concepts into easy to understand, jargon-free language. Using plenty of examples to make difficult ideas stick.

  • How long will I have access to the course for?

    Enrollment is for 6 months.

  • Where do I go to take the exam?

    You would take the Exercise Theory exam through us. Once you have completed the course, get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the next step.

  • Fitness Theory/Exercise Theory/Foundations of Physical Activity and Exercise Exam Information

    There are 60 multiple choice questions on the Fitness Theory exam and you have 60 minutes to answer them. You need 80% or 48/60 to pass. Sign up for a free trial to find out more.


    The National Fitness Leaders Association (NFLA) represents exercise professionals in Canada. Among other things, they set training and certification standards for fitness professionals.

    FLC is part of the International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREP) which means your NFLA certification is valid in regions like the US, UK, Canada, South Africa, UAE, New Zealand, and in many other places in Europe.

    In BC, they are represented by the BC Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA)

    In Alberta, they are represented by the Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association (AFLCA)

    In New Brunswick, it's Fitness New Brunswick (FNB)

    In Nova Scotia, it's the Nova Scotia Fitness Association (NSFA)

    In Ontario, the NFLA is represented by the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC)

    In Saskatchewan, they are represented by the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA)

    In Manitoba, it's Manitoba Fitness Council (MFC)